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Interior and Exterior Residential Painting in Vancouver

Residential Modern Home Interior Painting - Professional Painters in Vancouver, Coquitlam, BurnabyWe have been offering residential painting services in Vancouver since 2002. Our professional residential painters complete both interior and exterior painting projects.
We can paint your house, paint your condo and paint your apartment.
We have respect for you & your property!
We complete projects on-time & on-budget.
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Turning a house into a home takes more than putting out the welcome mat. At Elegant Decorating and Painting we pride ourselves as the premiere residential painting contractor company. The inside of your home must be carefully taken care of with proper drop clothes, blue tape that won’t leave marks but will protect windows and allow for smooth, even finishes. The color scheme must not only fit your style but should give your home a sense of continuity where each room flows in hue and texture into the design of the others.

Elegant Decorating and Painting brings years of experience to each project and more than the average house painter, we are trained interior painting experts that can design, decorate and paint home interiors that invoke your personal tastes allowing your own internal interior designer to flourish. We can embrace your ideas and turn them into living, breathing expressions of your life.

The key to a beautiful interior house painting project is to take the time and plan exactly what you want from the color of the base to the hues of the finish work. Will a flat paint provide the look you desire or do your prefer a more textured feel? Should each room show off its own distinctive flair or are running themes that carry themselves throughout the home meet your preferences? The expert interior house painters at Elegant Decorating and Painting like to entertain the questions that other house painters would rather avoid. That’s because we take each job as a personal quest to bring out the absolute best because regardless how big or small a house may be, it is always someone’s home.

House painting isn’t just a way to cover the walls but should be viewed as an artistic form whereby your entire home is a canvass. We want to make your home a place of warmth and comfort. Let our talents create a place that welcomes you and all your loved ones into an environment that can stimulate the senses and envelope your soul with a presence that states “you’re home”.

And let’s not forget the importance of the outside of your home. Our exterior house painters’ skills are second to none and we can create a look to the outside of your house that will make the statement that will impress the neighbors. More than just bringing out the best features of your A Frame bungalow, Victorian castle or Tudor estate we provide the expertise that knows how to utilize the most up to date painting materials that will protect your home. Our mission is to make sure the exterior painting of your house is durable, stylish and brings out the beauty of your home that will last for years. We also specialize in custom home painting and commercial painting for your office or industrial building.